Monday, December 8, 2008

Suicide Squeeze Family Top-Tens of 2008

So, this is it: a year-end listing of so many favorites from so many close friends, and the first, for-real posting on our new blog.

Every year we talk amongst ourselves, share discoveries, slam the shit that bothers us in our sleep, and then gather it all up to list away. We'll be adding more, just as come, throughout the week.

Thanks for making what we do mean something.
-SSR Family


Erin Tate / Minus the Bear

#1- t-pain "thr33 ringz"
#2- t-pain "pr33 ringz"
#3- the-dream "love/hate" (though it did come out dec of 2007, i learned about it in 2008)
#4- rick ross "trilla"
#6- lil' wayne "tha carter 3"
#7- sylvie "trees and shade are our only fences"
#9- these arms are snakes "tail swallower and dove"
#10- weed.


Bekah Zietz – Suicide Squeeze Records

Top 10 Music List of 2008:

-Bon Iver- For Emma, Forever Ago
-Black Mountain- In The Future
-Beach House-Devotion
-Mariah Carey- E=MC²
-No Age- Nouns
-T.I- Paper Trail
-Deerhunter- Microcastle
-Atlas Sound- Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
-School of Seven Bells- Alpinisms
-King Khan and The Shrines- The Supreme Genius of King Khan and The Shrines

Things that Slayed in 2008:

-Watching Sarah Palin lose the vice presidency of the US...I can see my mother-land (Russia) from my house, too, Sarah Palin!
-Watching Nene (from the Real Housewives of the ATL) almost bitch slap Kim in the reunion episode.
-Ray. J’s - Sexy Can I
-Spending an entire weekend in Chicago, rolling dice at Pitchfork Music Festival with everyone and anyone! I either lost 100 bucks, or won, who knows!
-SSR Family field trips to the movies
-Sha ba ba ba the moon and New York City
-Moving my new bed in a truck that was properly dubbed AMERICA.
-Birthday weekend to Aloha House in Moclips (RIP you creepy house you)
-Showing technology who the real boss is!!!!! Me!!!!
-Threats of eviction from my house! I heart you ladies!


\\Allen Karpinski//\\6P7//\\Suicide Squeeze//

Listened the hardest here.

Bon Iver : For Emma, Forever Ago
Talons : Songs for Babes
Sun Kil Moon : April
No Age : Nouns
Fuck Buttons: Street Horrrsing
Centro-matic/South San Gabriel : Dual Hawks
Beach House : Devotions
Crystal Stilts : Alight of Night
These Creatures : Demo
Growing : All the Way

Lived the hardest here.

Kent, Ohio
Akron, Ohio
Austin, Texas
Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
Anacortes, Washington
New York, New York

Watched the hardest here.

Let The Right One In
The Office, Season Five


Brian Cook- These Arms Are Snakes / Russian Circles

My ten favorite music-related things of 2008 in no particular order

1. Stars of the Lid - live at the Triple Door
2. These Arms Are Snakes and Russian Circles euro tour 2008

3. John Prine "Fair and Square" EP

4. Langhorne Slim - s/t

5. Torche "Meanderthal"
6. Young Widows "Old Wounds"

7. moving from Jade Tree to Suicide Squeeze

8. Daughters. someone needs to start a reality show based on that band.

9. accidentally stumbling into freelance music writing

10. Helms Alee "Night Terror"


Jesse LeDoux, LeDouxville

Since I was living in Japan for the past year, here are my Top Ten™ places in Japan that blew my mind:

1. The wild monkey park in Arashiyama (just outside Kyoto)
2. The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo and its zillion tons of ocean carnage every day.
3. Crazy drunken street parties in Naka Meguro when the cherry blossoms are in bloom
4. The questionable "snack bar" (a.k.a. brothel?) across the street from my apartment
5. The MOS Burger directly above #4
6. Staying in a traditional thatched roof farmhouse in Shirakawa-go
7. The Tadao Ando/James Turrell house on Naoshima (Japan's "art island")
8. All the incredible small shops in Harajuku (in Tokyo)
9. A-Bomb museum in Hiroshima (it should be mandatory that every human visits)
10. Tokyo Disneyland: 42 minutes away from the door to my apartment


Derek Meier / Solid PR

Top 10 Albums of 2008!

Trash Talk “Trash Talk” (Trash Talk Collective)

Torche “Meanderthal” (Hydra Head)

Paint it Black “New Lexicon” (Jade Tree)

Russian Circles “Station” (Suicide Squeeze)
Akimbo “Jersey Shores” (Neurot)

These Arms Are Snakes “Tail Swallower & Dove”
(Suicide Squeeze)

Steve Von Till “A Grave Is A Grim Horse” (Neurot)

Takka Takka “Migration” (Ernest Jenning)

Thursday / Envy “Split LP+CD” (Temporary Residence)

ASG “Win Us Over” (Volcom)



Of Montreal Skeletal Lamping (Polyvinyl)
Antony & The Johnsons - Another World EP (Secretly Canadian)
Hercules & The Love Affair (Mute)
Love Is All - A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night (What's Your Rupture?)
Portishead - Third (Island)
Santogold - Santogold (Donwtown)
Subtle - ExitingARM (LEX)
The Dutchess & The Duke - She's the Dutchess, He's the Duke (Hardly Art)
Born Ruffians – Red, Yellow and Blue (Warp)
The Breeders – Mountain Battles (4AD)

“Lollipop” - Lil Wayne
“Another World” - Antony & The Johnsons
“Blind” - Hercules and The Love Affair
“Tane Mahuta" - The Ruby Suns
“Lolita” - Throw Me The Statue
“Time Wont Let Me” - Young Rival
“Unlikely Rock Shock” - Subtle
“Glue Girls” - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
“Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” - Beyonce Fierce Sasha
“Koka Kola Veins” - Tough Alliance


Jim Guthrie,
Human Highway
My Top 10 in no particular order:

1. My House
2. My cats (lame but true)
3. A particular pair of pants I own
4. Garageband (the app)
5. Resident Evil 4 for the Wii
6. Sweeping and mopping
7. The Interweb
8. The Road by Cormack McCarthy
9. Tokyo, Japan
10. Getting up early


Sasha Barr (This Is The New Year)
2008 things that were pretty darn OK

- that obama fellow
- the these arms are snakes LP
- foals antitdotes
- im pretty happy with the house i moved into
- quest for fire's first release
- let the right one in
- fleet foxes records
- cotton jones LP
- wolf parade at mt zoomer
- john mccain and sarah palin losing


David Dickenson
10 highlights from 2008
(In no particular order and excluding Suicide Squeeze related shit)

Successful back surgery for my dog Mary
My surprise birthday trip to Los Angeles (thanks beast!)
Deerhunter “Microcastle / Weird Era Cont.” [Kranky Records]
Al moving to Seattle
Flying Lotus “Los Angeles” [Warp Records]
Barack Obama
Late night drives with Adam at SXSW 2008
Gang Gang Dance live at The Triple Door
Pineapple Express day trip
Adele “Chasing Pavements” {single}


Put THIS shit on your blog… Andrew Morgan, The Billions Corp

1. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
2. Mount Eerie – Lost Wisdom
3. Bodies of Water – A Certain Feeling
4. Pete and the Pirates – Little Death
5. Blitzen Trapper – Furr
6. Mt St Helens Vietnam Band – Weepy EP
7. Mount Eerie – Black Wooden Ceiling Opening
8. Beach House – Devotion
9. Constantines – Kensington Heights
10. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III


LaBamba, These Arms Are Snakes, Top Ten (in no particular order)!!!!

Fantasy Football (Even though I'm sucking)
Lost Season 4
Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat - "The Nebulous Dreams"
Q Tip - "The Renaissance" (Even though it's only okay. It's just good to hear QTip again.)
Mitch Hedberg - "Do You Believe in Gosh"
Subtle - "Exiting Arm"
Jesu - "Why Are We Not Perfect"
Helms Alee - "Night Terror"
Safety Meetings with Russian Circles
Bohren & Der Club of Gore - "Dolores"


Whitney McGraw – Cotton Jones

1. I am giving thanks everyday that 2008 introduced me to the Fireball Deluxe Snow Cone ( a cinnamon snow cone with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle). Though where I sit now I can see the spot where I first got a taste I am unable to partake due to people losing interest in snow cones through the winter months, April 2009 will surely be a fabulous reintroduction.

2. In June I bought a tiny wooden bird whistle from a little whittling man in Mexico. Depending on it's mood, blowing through it's tail feathers will make a beautiful sound or one that will quickly clear a room.

3. Though it came to be before 2008, I developed a new slight obsession with "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" just this year.

4. Favorite record of the year must be "Harps and Angels" by Randy Newman.

5. Mike and I saw Elvis Costello this year in Charlottesville Va, just him on acoustic, it was completely stunning. I'm amazed at how his voice improves with age, zero signs of wear and tear.

6. Recently I've been spending sporadic weeks on the eastern shore of Delaware, I've spent many mornings in a little boat floating and sometimes zipping around an inlet of the Chesapeake Bay, these mornings have proved to be priceless.

7. Much of our summer was taken up with a perpetual camping trip, skipping hotel rooms and pitching a tent in the middle of the night while occasionally gathering everyone up to huddle in the van after a potential beast sighting in the woods. I was usually complaining about being woken up and drug into the van because someone heard something. There is however something charming about five adults piled in a van armed only with the "cougar killer" (a 2x4 with a nail through it).

8.On such camping trips we also try to drop into as many random family reunions as possible, eating, mingling and occasionally joining in on a camp fire sing-a-long, an experience true only to 2008.

9. I would be dishonest to myself if I were to leave out one event that has built the excitement of my evenings from the October to March season. That would be the trading of Shaquille O'Neal from the Miami Heat to my own beloved Phoenix Suns. Bless the big cactus and all those who reside in the desert.

10. October brought the debut exhibition of our dear friend Clinton Jones' stunning visual creations. We have know the talent of this fellow for many years but to see it all in one room, presented to many, was as exciting to us as I'm sure to was to him.


Miranda Lange
Touch and Go Publicist

1-10: All the Saints - Fire On Corridor X (Touch and Go Records) - Hot, frenzied and Bible black. Can I get a witness?!


Wes Howerton : Barsuk Records

My top 10 Albums of 2008:
1. Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago
2. Black Mountain – In the Future
3. Why? - Alopeica
4. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
6. Rodriguez – Cold Fact
7. Retribution Gospel Choir - S/T
8. Richard Swift – Ground Trouble Jaw
9. Department of Eagles – In Ear Park
10. Damien Jurado – Caught in Trees

Other records by “The” bands that I loved:
The Whigs - Mission Control
The Constantines – Kensington Heights
The Hold Steady – Stay Positive
The Moondoggies – Don’t Be A Stranger
The Muslims – S/T
The Black Keys – Attack & Release
The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely

Top 10 Songs of 08:
1. Richard Swift – Lady Luck
2. The Whigs – Right Hand on My Heart
3. Flash Lightnin – Coming on Strong
4. T- Pain – Can’t Believe It
5. Estelle – American Boy
6. Flo- Rida – Low
7. Usher – Love In This Club
8. Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart
9. Damien Jurado – Best Dress
10. The Muslims – Beside Myself


Luke Heath : Ultra Tech for SSR

Top 10 Things of 2008, in no particular order.

1) The Long Winters at The Independent in San Francisco
2) Bribing my way out of a dirty Tijuana jail with Suicide Squeeze gift packs
3) EZDrummer
4) Radiohead at the White River Amphitheater in Seattle
5) Throw Me The Statue at The Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA
6) Nord Electro 2
7) Barack Obama
8) 11.04.08
9) Rock Tours
10) iPhone apps


john chavez – ground control booking

i was going to try and not include bands that i work with but it was
too hard.

1. lil wayne - carter 3
2. fucked up - the chemistry of common life
3. wavves - wavves cs
4. wooden shjips - wooden shjips
5. telepathe - dance mother
6. woods - all releases (some shame, family creeps, live show etc...)
7. vivian girls - vivian girls cassette reissue on fuck it tapes with all the singles
8. rustie - zig zag
9. marconi notaro - no sub raino dos reissue on time lag
10. krallice – krallice


Emily Brigham (Touch & Go Records)

Let's admit it: this has been a pretty crappy year save for a few shining moments here and there. So, when David asked if I'd like to contribute a 2008 top 10 list, after impulsively saying yes, I found myself at a loss...I could always do a top 10 records, but I'm kinda sick of those; they tend to get redundant. So I've decided to make a list of the things I'm looking forward to next year. Instead of wallowing in the past, let's stare wide-eyed into the future. Here goes...

Top 10 things I'm looking forward to in 2009.

1. January 20, duh.
2. The beginning of my 30th year. (Yes, i really am excited about this,
strange I know..)
3. The Watchmen film finally being released.
4. No longer having to hear about Chinese Democracy.
5. The return of LOST.
6. First annual 'no pants' day at Touch & Go.
7. The Faces reunion.
8. The end of the recession. (Don't laugh. I'm trying the power of
positive thinking.)
9. My trip to Spain. (Fingers crossed that nothing interferes with this
actually happening.)
10. Believing in possibility once again.

Happy Holidays, but most importantly, Happy New Year!!


Squarepusher – Just a Souvenir
Deerhunter – Microcastle
Spiritualized – Songs in A&E
Crystal Antlers - EP
Meshuggah – Obzen
Flying Lotus – Los Angeles
Cool Kids – The Bake Sale
Red Eyed Legends – Wake Up, Legend
Guilty Simpson – Ode to the Ghetto
Singer - Unhistories


Matthew T. Kaplan, Esq.

1. The Nonesuch Records reissue of Laurie Anderson’s debut album Big Science, it changed my life in 1981 and still blows me away today.

2. The Digital Global Mobile reissue of the mind altering album No Pussyfooting by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp, as a double disc it is even more of a revelation.

3. The Rhino Records reissue of The Replacements catalog, need I write anymore?

4. Realizing after 5 days in Amsterdam that I am no longer 21, and have not been for 24 years, and having my body violently rejecting my immature activities.

5. Strangest Meal #1: Duck In A Can at Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal, which is can filled with half a mallard duck, foie gras, garlic and balsamic demi-glaze, canned, cooked and ceremoniously opened a the table and poured over bread and celeriac puree

6. Strangest Meal #2: Braised Beef Marrow at L'Express Restaurant in Montreal, they take the beef marrow out of the bone, braise it and the put it back in the bone and you eat it with sea salt.

7. Best Meal #1: Cheese Fondue at Cafe Bern in Amsterdam, so amazing we went there twice for dinner on one trip, the restaurant is on the edge of the Red Light District.

8. Best Meal #2: Post SXSW day trip to Lockhart, Texas with the members of Oh No Oh My for amazing barbecue at Black’s Barbecue and Smitty’s Market.

9. Best Meal #3: My Birthday Dinner at St. John’s Bread & Wine in London, fantastic food, great wine and the best people.

10. Best new band out of the blue but from around the corner Titus Andronicus.









Krista Schmidt | Touch and Go Records


Hannah Carlen, Spectre

The Top 10 of 2008 (in chronological order)

1. The Aloha

2. The Superbowl + 2008 NY Giants

3. Diplo’s “I Like Turtles” mixtape

4. Bon Iver at Holocene
5. Portishead

6. Bomb The Bass’s “Butterfingers” video

7. Regional Hits’s first 7” -by Horse Feathers!

8. Barack Obama

9. Venice

10. My car’s still running.

Top 10 Addendum: Meal Notes:
*Sushi from Tsukiji Market at 6am - was so good that even though it was December 2007 it goes on the list.
1. The Aloha - Liza’s brisket, the mushrooms I made.
2. The Superbowl + 2008 New York Giants - Biwa (in Portland) is the similar yearlong inclusion on the list. Their pork ramen is the most delicious food in the city. (Right between Holocene and Doug Fir, bands. Don’t miss out.)
5. Bon Iver at Holocene - Beef Bourguignon at Le Pidgeon. The chefs play ‘For Emma...’ all the time.
7. Portishead - coincides with Brunch at LaCroix in Philadelphia, endless portions of little bites, Bloody Mary bar.
9. Venice - Dinner #1 with fifteen plates of antipasto, raw tuna and rockfish, two pastas, squills (new to me!), deep fried sardines + anchovies. Also Soave wine that Josh picked out. Also Truffle Salt.

Bonus List: Top 2 Records of 2008
1. Bon Iver ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’
2. Portishead ‘Third’

2008 Biggest Loser Award - Plaxico Burress. DAMMIT!


Craig Stewart / SXSW

Wire Object 47 + Daytrotter session

Devin the Dude Landing Gear

Tobias Wolff Our Story Begins

XYX debut 7" on S-S Records

Jennifer O'Connor Here With Me

Lili Z The Two Of Us

The Magnetic Fields live at Paramount Theatre

Tom T. Hall Sings Miss Dixie and Tom T.

All DVD issues of Allan King's films (1956-2006)

Passing out anger management course business cards to attendees at a Texas dog show after our Vizsla Norman (aka "Redd Foxx") became a "champion."


The Coathangers

1. Swingtown (tv show)
2. Britney Spears
3. Seattle
4.. King Khan and the Shrines
5. Clinic "Do It"
6. Real Housewives of Atlanta
7. T.I. "Paper Trail"
8. Pineapple Express (movie)
9. MIA
10. Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme

Thanks so much! We love u!!!


Chris Jacobs / Sub Pop
2008 top 10

1. David Foster Wallace’s 2005 commencement speech at Kenyon College
2. Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Primary Colours
3. Thomas Function – Celebration
4. Constantines – Kensington Heights
5. Obits – “One Cross Apiece” b/w “Put It in Writing”
6. The Dutchess and the Duke – She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke
7. All the Saints – Fire on Corridor X
8. The “You Look Nice Today” podcast
9. Parts & Labor - Receivers
10. The New Year – The New Year



10. 30 Rock episodes
9. Russian Circles playing austin like 10 times on tour in 08!
8. Yelle from france (yeah, I said it)
7. Cro-mags and Dead Milkmen at Fun Fun Fun Fest
6. White Denim's "exposion"
5. Gas getting cheaper
4. My brother-in-law's band, Grupo Fantasma getting nomited for a Grammy last week.
3. Finding my new dog on the highway in west texas driving to Coachella.
2. Jesus Lizard finally deciding to play some shows
1. Obama (so far...)


Mike Sullivan / Russian Circles

Here's the top ten list. I'm bad with keeping up on music, so I took the
path of least resistance.

safety meetings
coffee shops
Bison Grass vodka
Portishead 'Third'
water parks
Step Brothers


here are our favorite records of 2008...

Earth - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull
Fennesz - Black Sea
Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)
Portishead - Third
Madlib - Beat Konducta Vol. 5+6
Beach House - Devotion
M83 - Saturdays = Youth
VA - Ghostly Swim
Tim and Eric - The "Brownie Mountain" song (we know this isn't an album, but we wish it was)
Gas - Nah und Fern
Robert Wyatt - Shleep (Reissue)


Cathy Pellow, Sargent House (so here goes in NO particular order) 

Fave Albums of 2008
Good Old War - Only Way to Be Alone 

Russian Circles - Station 

These Arms Are Snakes - Tail, Swallower and Dove 

Portugal The Man - Censored Colours 

The Black Keys - Attack & Release 
Love You Moon - Waxwane 

Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - Self Titled 

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes 

Best EP's 

Maps & Atlases - You And Me And The Mountain 

Native - We Delete Erase 

Red Sparowes - Aphorisms 


Most Anticipated for 2009 

RX Bandits - Not Yet Titled 

Native - Full Length 

Tera Melos - Full Length 

Bygones - By 

El Grupo De Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez 

Maps & Atlases - Full Length 

This Town Needs Guns - Animals - US Release
Russian Circles 
- Full Length
Red Fang - Red Fang



01. The Dead Science - Villianaire
02. Portishead - Third
03. Burial - Untrue
04. Jay Z- American Gangster
05. Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
06. Anthony Braxton - Beyond Quantum
07. Kamran Sadeghi - Through Thickness
08. Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death - Bird Songs
09. Fennesz - Black Sea
10. Jonny Greenwood - There will be Blood


Matt Eidson, Ipecac Recordings

Top 10 CD/Vinyl/Digital/EP's, etc.

1. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago
2. M83: Saturday's = Youth
3. The Helio Sequence: Keep Your Eyes Ahead
4. The Replacements Reissues: All of them!
5. Deerhunter: Microcastle / Weird Era Cont
6. Greg Dulli: Live at the Triple Door
7. Jose Gonzales: "Smalltown Boy" (Bronski Beat Cover). Live @ Bonnaroo
8. Longwave: Secrets are Sinister
9. Frost/Nixon movie
10. Centro-matic/South San Gabriel: Dual Hawks


Michelle Cable's (Panache Booking) Top Ten of 2008

[Whilst experimenting with the hungry bellies of friends, I
sharpened my culinary skills with these mid-morning feasts featuring
an array of quiches, vegan waffles, pancakes, breakfast sushi,
scrambles and gallons of morning libations like the mimosa or wasabi
bloody maries. The longest brunch thus far clocked in at 7 hrs.]

Mister Lonely (the film)

Ronnie Spector (Live at McCarren Pool, Brooklyn NY)

Gutter (Bowling Alley in Greenpoint Brooklyn)
[I must have bowled nearly 100 games at these lanes this past year.
It's the perfect way to spend your Sunday after a 7-hr brunch!]

Party Hummer (SXSW, Austin, TX)
[It is exactly what it sounds like. An off-roading machine that is
literally a party on wheels. The driver acts as your chauffeur,
picks you up, and takes you to your selected destination. All whilst
providing you with certain amenities commonly found in Amsterdam and
a mini bar that fits compactly in the trunk.]

"I Want to Believe" by Cai Guo Qiang (Art Installation at the
Guggenheim, New York, NY)

A Maysles Scrapbook: Photographs/Cinemagraphs/Documents
[Albert Maysles is one of my favorite filmmakers (Grey Gardens,
Salesman, Gimme Shelter) and I had the pleasure of meeting him at his
book release which showcased a collection of unreleased images from
his legendary archive of footage]

HULU (the answer to the cold winter ahead)

Peep Show
[This TV Series was the catalyst for a lengthy sabbatical with other
British comedies like EXTRAS, That Mitchell and Webb Look, and the
Office. It sated my yearning for more things reminiscent of Larry
David, and definitely kept 2008 hilarious.]

Milk (the film)
[Incredible in every way, and such an inspiring portrayal of a man we
should all know a lot more about. Once again reminding me that CHANGE
is possible. Which I think we are all feeling as we enter 2009. Go


Chris Swanson: Secretly Canadian
2008 Top 10

1) The Avett Brothers - Second Gleam (Ramseur)
2) Chrissy Zebby Tembo - My Ancestors reissue (Hummingbird)
3) The Cool Kids - The Bake Sale (Chocolate Industries)
4) Rodriguez - Cold Fact (Light In The Attic)
5) Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III (Cash Money)
6) Ray Lamontagne - Gossip In The Grain (RCA)
7) Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak (Roc-A-Fella)
8) Kurt Vile - Constant Hitmaker (Gulcher)
9) Hercules & Love Affair - s/t (Mute)
10) Conor Oberst - s/t (Merge)


Adam Reach | Touch & Go Records

Ok, so it’s a top 20:

My top 10 favorite records of 2008 (in no particular order)
1. Harvey Milk “Life...It’s The Best Game In Town” CD
2. Disappears “Old Friends” b/w “Magics” 7inch
3. Squarepusher “Just a Souvenir” CD
4. Monotonix “Body Language” LP
5. Portishead “3” CD
6. No Age “Nouns” LP
7. Nodzzz “I Don’t Wanna (Smoke Marijuana)” 7inch
8. All the Saints “Fire On Corridor X” CD
9. Brother JT 3 “Jelly Roll Gospel” LP
10. Red Favorite “s/t” LP

Top 5 things I am looking forward to in 2009:
1. Kanye West getting thrown in front of a moving bus.
2. Let me say it now: Slayer. June. New Album.
3. Snow plows plowing snow on my street. Wait, I live in Chicago where Mayor Daley is not allowing side street plowing, but is going into business with a company that is setting parking meter costs in downtown Chicago at $6.50 an hour, so...nevermind. I’ll settle for Kayne West getting thrown in front of a moving bus **that is also on fire**.
4. As always, delicious macaroni.
5. Mayor Daley getting thrown on top of the smouldering pile that was once a bus (the one that was on fire, and will be on top of Kanye West).

Top 5 things I am NOT looking forward to in 2009:
1. February.
2. More Oprah (seriously, lady. Stop it...whatever it is, just cut it out and go away).
3. Getting my wisdom teeth removed.
4. Cubs Baseball season starts.
5. Cubs fans, in general.


Alex Rose – Minus the Bear

1. Barack Obama
2. Radiohead - "In Rainbows" / Live @ White River Amphitheater 8/20/08
3. Roger Waters - Live @ Coachella 4/27/08
4. T-Pain - "Thr33 Rings" / "Pr33 Rings"
5. 30 Rock - Season 2 (DVD)
6. Lil Wayne - "Tha Carter III"
7. Rick Ross - "Trilla"
8. Nine Inch Nails - Live @ Pemberton Festival 7/25/08
9. Rodriguez - "Cold Fact" (reissue)
10. Of Montreal - "Skeletal Lamping" Laser Show 9/12/08



A Brooklynite-by-way-of-Chicagoan's Top Ten Sports Moments of All Time
(in honor of Suicide Squeeze...the greatest baseball play that hardly
ever happens)

1 Electing a White Sox fan to the Oval Office in 2008
2 The White Sox winning the 2005 World Series
3 Going to Game 2 of the 2005 World Series, AKA the "Paulie Grand Slam Game"
4 2005 Illini basketball game vs. Arizona. Greatest comeback of ALL TIME.
5 Jordan's 1997 "flu" playoff game
6 Jordan's first "shot over Ehlo."
7 The 1985 Bears winning the Super Bowl. It was cold and I was 7.
8 Devin Hester returning the opening kickoff of the 2007 Super Bowl for a touchdown. The rest of the game....not so awesome.
9 With a .01% chance, the Bulls getting the first pick the 2008 NBA Draft and selecting Derrick Rose.
10 Every time Jordan made the Knicks his bitch. Which just so happened to be every time.



No particular order:

Barack O-fucking-bama
Obits - "One Cross Apiece" b/w "Put it in Writing" (Stint Records)
Walter, the brown bunny that lived in the alley behind my house
"Forget About Everything" (rather, "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty)
Dutchess and the Duke - She's the Dutchess, He's the Duke (Hardly Art)
Crawl Space Gallery
Playing the Kinks at Lacey and Ruben's wedding
Synecdoche, New York
Regular, DIY house shows in Seattle
The Economist



Super weird Top 10 of 2008

1. Obama!
2. Red Mole at Guelaguetza in Los Angeles. Life affirming.
3. The fun insanity of ATP New York 2008 with My Bloody Valentine
4. Lattes at Stumptown in Portland
5. Tie: albums or ep’s I worked from: Deerhunter/Gang Gang Dance/Black Mountain/Fuck Button//Bon Iver/Jamie Lidell/Juana Molina/Yeasayer/Notwist/Grails/Animal Collective
6. Tie: albums I did not work: Vivian Girls/Flying Lotus/No Age/Health/Lil Wayne/Spiritualized and more
7. New York Magazine and Vanity Fair: the mags I read when I am not reading magazines for work.
8. Sushi Ike: my fave sushi joint always does me right!
9. Saarinen saved at JFK
10. Rallying against the passing of Prop 8!


Robin Taylor, Inland Empire Touring

Ok - I think I have a comprehensive list - not really in particular order :)

1) D*R*I on Range Life Records
2) Fred Armisen on SNL as Boy George, Fred Armisen as Barack Obama, Fred Armisen in a GAP ad!
3 Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinsky
4) Winter Sleep on label Lab Work Music
5) The book Power Vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins
6) Barack Obama!!
7) Subpop 20
8) Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - New York City Annex in Soho
9) Stardeath & White Dwarfs on Warner Brothers
10) Pissed Jeans on Subpop

:) what I loved this year.



1. Best thing about 2008: The fact that we don’t have to deal with anymore of THIS!!!

Favorite Music of 2008

2. Beach House- Devotion
3. Department of Eagles- In Ear Park
4. Blitzen Trapper- Furr
5. Animal Collective- Water Curses
6. The Ruby Suns- Sea Lion

Cool stuff I got or that was given to me as a gift, either way, I have it now and I got it in 2008:

7. iPod Touch- Super Money Ball .
8. Avalon U5 - If you’re looking for bass tone... you need look no further.

Slice of life type stuff...

9. I may have laughed harder at some point in 2008 but this one thing has a link to it... so I thought I’d share it with you. Here you’ll see Jaleel White speaking about voice over acting and the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog... which is a cartoon series ‘almost’ based on the video game. He raises some really good points... like you know, voice over work is basically just acting, but with out the cameras. Brilliant. Click here.

10. Oh and this happened... I’m the guy in the blue shirt doing the funky chicken and singing the really REALLY high harmony. WTF?!? Click here.


Yoshi Nakamoto ~ Still Flyin' ~ The Aislers Set

88 Boadrum (August 2008)
Laneway Festival , Australia (Feb 2008)
Love is All west coast tour (Nov 2008)
Slumberland Records 2008
Dean Wareham autobiography "Black Postcards"
Wu Tang Clan "Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers)"
The Smiths "The Sound of The Smiths"
Deerhunter "Microcastle"
The Dodo's "Visiter"
Beach House "Devotions"


Mike Tolan, Talons, etc.

Top ten lyrics (probably misquoted) from iTunes “25 most played”, Dec ‘08.
- Silver Jews: (pretty eyes) “outside you can see my shoe-prints, I’ve been dreamin’ in your yard”
- Paul Simon: (Duncan) “holes in my confidence, holes in the knees of my jeans”
- Houseguest: (proud utility infielder) “put me in the ground coach, I’m ready to die”
- The National: (slow show) “can’t I go a minute without being noticed and not thinking of my dick?”
- Ben & Bruno: (pack of light blue birds) “pack of light blue birds, you carried me above the deep dark ocean”
- Neil Young: (revolution blues) “I see bloody fountains and ten million dune-buggies coming down the mountain”
- Trouble Books: (transient color glories) “my shit was cool, I was lucky, so were the cats…”
- Mount Eerie: (flaming home) “the wind that moves the branches is saying words that I don’t know”
- Steely Dan: (gaucho) “can’t you see they’re laughing at you, get rid of him, I don’t care what you do at home.”
- Cains & Abels: (killed by birds) “and I’d jump into the fire if it would light up the phone in my pocket”

Top 5 abandoned Spanish MA thesis topics:
- “The Dubai of Walmarts” I’m afraid of El Corte Inglés: Spain’s retail monster
- “¿Too high v. 2 high?” Examining the effects of smoking weed on translating “High Times”
- “Convivencia is an Oreo” Studying 15th century Spain as a layered desert.
- “Boobs and the Weather” (title by Sommer Miller) The terrifying prevalence of porno on Spanish basic cable
- “Papa es un Porn Idol” Curiosities in Spain’s English t-shirts


Eugene Mirman
Here is my top 10, in no particular order. I threw in a few TV shows and a movie:
BEST OF 2008
1) Conor Oberst — Conor Oberst
2) Blitzen Trapper — Furr
3) 30 Rock
4) Herman Dune — Next Year In Zion
5) R.E.M — Accelerate
6) Mad Men
7) Robyn Hitchcock — Luminous Groove Box Set
8) Alina Simone — Everyone Is Crying Out To Me, Beware
9) The Dutchess and the Duke — She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke
10) The Dark Knight


Jason Lajeunesse
Owner / Talent Buyer
Neumos / Sealed With A Kiss Presents
Talent Buyer / The Capitol Hill Block Party

My favorite things of 2008 mostly music related.

1- Neumos mascots ::: My Cat Sing Sing :: And Our Club Dog Scout.
2- Reissue Record ::: Rodriguez ­ Cold Fact.
3- New Record ::: Deer Hunter ­ Microcastle.
4- Old Record ::: Jesus Lizard ­ Goat.
5- Concert ::: Bruce Springsteen :: Key Arena.
6- Festivals ::: Austin City Limits :::The Capitol Hill Block Party :::
Music Fest NW.
7- Country suddenly more appealing to me ::: America ::: (Green Card, Yes!!!
Obama, YES!!!)
8- Booking Agent ::: Adam Voith of The Billions Corp will takes this years
award. Festy Expressy !!!
9- Sneakers ::: Blue And Yellow Nike SB¹s.
10- Vacation ::: South Africa Trip December 31 - Jan 14.


Bob Andrews / Undertow Music Collective
manager; David Bazan, Centro-matic, South San Gabriel, Jesse Harris,
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Via Audio.

Things I enjoyed in 2008 in no particular order:

Barack Obama
The Wire - Season 5 - HBO Series
Richard Swift - Ground Trouble Jaw - EP
Daniel Lanois - Here Is What Is - DVD
The Shock Doctrine - book by Naomi Klein
No Country For Old Men - DVD
There Will Be Blood - DVD
Centro-matic - Daytrotter Sessions
That Kind of Man - The Heavy - iTunes Single
The Last King Of Scotland - Soundtrack CD
Hearing the progress from acoustic demos to final tracks of the new
Bazan album.


Howard Greynolds
Overcoat Management | Touch and Go | Quarterstick Records

I'll keep it to music.
Here's my favorite things for 2008 in no particular order...

Crystal Antlers - S/T (self-released)
All the Saints - Fire on Corridor X (Killer Pimp)
Sleepy Sun - S/T (self-released)
Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue (WB)
Deerhunter - Microcastle (Kranky)
Disappears - 2008 two 7"'s (self-released)
Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band -FFFFOO K TSSCCHH (yoyooyoy)
The Shaky Hands -Lunglight (KRS)
Sic Alps U.S. EZ (Slitbreeze)
Vivian Girls S/T (In the Red)


Bryce Brown /// SSR, Mp3 Techin' since '07

Dizzee Rascal - Maths + English (I know this came out in the UK in '07, but
it didn't hit the States till '08. So fuck it.)
Ratatat - LP3
The Death Set - Worldwide
Champagne Champagne - S/T
Bun B - II Trill
These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swallower and Dove
Why? - Alopecia
Roll Deep - Return of the Big Money Sound
Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III
Crystal Castles vs HEALTH - Crimewave


Jeremy Bolen | Chin Up Chin Up | Vacations

Top 10 2008 things-

1. Obama (no originality points, but seriously Wilco is playing his
inauguration and he's a white sox fan)
2. "Weeds Season 4"
3. Chik-Fil-a
4. My new dog Radar
5. The new Deerhunter Record
6. The new Pit er Pat Record
7. "Gossip Girl"
8. Learning to like Paul McCartney's early solo records.
9. Taking a lot of pictures.
10. "Lost"


Taylor Rebecca Brode / Touch and Go / Quarterstick Records

Best of Obama08’ List: (Alphabetical order, and largely nepotistic)

All the Saints Fire On Corridor X (Killer Pimp/ Touch and Go)

Blank Dogs In a Web 7” (Daggerman) – fans of shit gaze & glue wave take note-- this is the ONLY “band” whose name you will ever need to know post 2008.

Blank Dogs Mirror Lights Cassette (Drone Errant) – also, I prefer “Mad Max Batcave” to any aforementioned genres above.

Blank Dogs Diana the Herald 12” (Sacred Bones) - this came out in 07’, sue me

Blank Dogs Doorbell Fire 7” (Sweet Rot) - also 07’, t’eves

Blank Dogs Two Months 7” (Florida’s Dying) - the b-side, “Poison Ivy” is better

Blank Dogs Yellow Mice Sleep EP (HoZac) - HoZac the label> HoZac the zine

(** Yes, I did just put 6 records by ONE band on a “top ten” list. What’s more, is that i even left off a couple BD releases from the last year—there were 12 total. And they were all remarkable. **)

Crystal Stilts Alight of Night (Slumberland)

Deerhunter Weird Era Cont./ Microcastle (Kranky)- Weird Era shoulda been the follow-up. Jus sayin’.

Diet Cola S/T (Army of Bad Luck)

Eddy Current Suppression Ring Primary Colours (Goner Records)

Fucked Up The Chemistry of Common Life (Matador)- 70 guitar tracks might look self-indulgent on another band. Somehow these geniuses pull it off, er should I say, continue to pull it off. i even like the pop punk song w/ the douche chills guyliner guest vocalist.

Gang Gang Dance Saint Dymphna (Social Registry)

Gun Outfit S/T 7” (PPM)

Kurt Vile Constant Hitmaker (Gulcher )- No matter how many inches of snow and sleet are on the ground outside, playing the first track on this record is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re smoking a j-bone in the Caribbean and that you really are gonna have a functional relationship with your ex.

Naked on the Vague Blood Pressure Sessions- listenable no wave? Yeah, I didn’t know it was possible either.

Sex Vid Communal Living 12” (Dom America)

VSS Nervous Circuits Reissue (Hydrahead)- it comes w/ dvd yo! (Steve Sneer, I’m looking at you.)



Here Ya Go:

1- M83 "Saturdays = Youth"
2- Fleet Foxes "Fleet Foxes"
3- Chairlift "Does You Inspire You"
4- Vampire Weekend "Vampire Weekend"
5- Deerhunter "Microcastle"
6- Lykke Li "Youth Novels"
7- Cut Copy "In Ghost Colors"
8- Tv On The Radio "Dear Science"
9- Hot Chip "Made In The Dark"
10-Frightened Rabbit "Midnight Organ Fight"


john atkins - the can't see

music stuff i got way into for some reason this year in no particular order:

el guincho-alegranza
ponytail-ice cream spiritual
chad van gallen- soft soft airplane
lil wayne-drought iii
dutchess and the duke-mary(video)
revisiting high school favoritea (xtc,camper van beethoven, butthole
surfers,young fresh fellows etc)
faust- iv
roky erikson-i have always been here before
chrissy zebby tembo-my ancestors
diplo-top ranking
AFGCT (a-frames & climax golden twins fused together, it's awesome)


Virgil Dickerson | Suburban Home | Vinyl Collective

Here are my top 10 releases we didn't put out:

1. Austin Lucas "At War With Freak Folks"
2. The Gaslight Anthem "the 59' Sound"
3. Portugal the Man "Censored Colors"
4. Justin Townes Earle "The Good Life"
5. Mike Hale "Broken With No Hope"
6. Dillinger Four "Civil War'
7. Dr. Dog "Fate"
8. Matt Pryor "Confidence Man"
9. Able Baker Fox "Voices"
10. Human Highway "Moody Motorcycle"

Other notables include:

Favorite Song: Bon Iver "Skinny Love"
Favorite Book: "I Just Want My Pants Back" by David Rosen
Best Shows: "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", "Metalocalypse", "Dexter"
Favorite Movie: Pineapple Express, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Best Moments: Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground album release show in Seattle, Going to the Fest and having a fucking blast, and having our best year ever after 13 rocky years. I feel really lucky to still be playing this game.


joe plummer / modest mouse

yeah. here goes.

restaurants in seattle/portland
the tamarind tree
matts in the market.
lovely hula hands
panda bear in miami
boadrum 8808
zack hill solo in portland, november
melvins "nude with boots"
re issue of Amanaz, "africa"
the dodo's "visitor"
the liars s/t
man man "rabit habits"
steve malkmus and the jicks "real emotional trash"
scottish terriars,
labradoodles, yes, i met one and i like him.


Jeremy deVine, Temporary Residence Ltd.

A Sampling of What Made Me Want To Live Past 2008:

ADEM Takes (Domino)
LINDSTROM Where You Go I Go (Smalltown Supersound)
METALLICA Death Magnetic (Warner Bros.)
THE DARK KNIGHT (Christopher Nolan)
IRON MAN (Jon Favreau)
LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Tomas Alfredson)
NETFLIX (Finally!)
RAMBO (Sylvester Stallone)
WALL-E (Andrew Stanton)
RAIDWORLD FESTIVAL (My first trip to Japan)
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY ATP (Basically a giant family reunion)
QUANTUM LEAP Vegetarian Café (New York City)
TACO CHULO Mexican Restaurant (Brooklyn, NY)


Spencer Seim = sBACH

1. Wearing rubber gloves
2. Charlotte N.C.
3. Beyonce "single ladies"
4. 2008 Lotus Exige S
5. Tahoe National Forest
6. Jasbir
7. 2 Stroke anything
8. The Office
9. Vern (the Sbach van)
10. Batman Dance


Matt Sullivan : Light In The Attic Records


1) Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Rodriguez

2) Skagit River Ranch Bacon - best bacon I have ever tasted

3) Harold & Maude Soundtrack - Vinyl Films couldn't have done it any better

4) The Wire: the epic, final season aka the greatest show on any planet, ever made, ever.

5) Mad Men - runner up for the greatest show ever

6) Aaron Zon & Music Manufacturing Services in Toronto. Thank the lord above!

7) Charles Aaron on Labi Siffre at EMP Pop Conference, Seattle, WA, April 12th

8) Rancho Bravo - tasty tacos of the finest caliber

9) The Saturday Knights 2008 Doughnut Eating Contest - long live Billy The Fridge!

10) Stop Smiling Magazine - best magazine ever

11) The Emerald City making a much needed comeback - Moondoggies, TSK, Curious Mystery, Fleet Foxes, Dyme Def...

12) The Vaselines (with Belle & Sebastian as Frances & Eugene's back-up band), Sub Pop 20 Festival (aka most organized festival ever), Marymoor Park, Redmond, WA, July 11th

13) Roky Erickson & The Black Angels - Tour of the Century

14) 7) Ocho, Ballard, WA - tapas and drinks. Get the Chorizo de la Mancha and the Patatas Bravas

15) Vetiver - Thing Of The Past

16) The Meeting: Rodriguez & Stephen John Kalinich - 11:15pm PST, Fri, Nov 21st, 2008

17) Dolly Parton at WAMU Theater, Seattle, August 8th

18) Black Mountain - In The Future

19) Randy Newman - Good Old Boys - thank you Mr. Johnny Horn for showing me the light


1) Thingmakers - the shittiest manufacturer on planet earth. And the worst decision we ever made. Whatever you do, find another manufacturer.

2) Sarah Palin - America almost went nuts. Almost.

3) Speaking to mom and pops about politics

4) The Wire - HOW CAN IT BE OVER?

5) Mad Men - And how will one survive 12 months without Don Draper and Christina Hendricks?

6) Drunk bicycling

7) George Jr.


Trey Many's, from The Billions Corp,
admittedly biased top ten 2008 songs

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains
M83 - Kim & Jessie
Blitzen Trapper - Furr
MGMT - Time to Pretend
Death Cab for Cutie - Cath…
Elbow - Grounds for Divorce
Ulrich Schnauss - Look At The Sky
Wye Oak - Warning
Frightened Rabbit - Fast Blood
Vampire Weekend - A-Punk


Johnny Chiba | CMJ

These are the top 10 things in my life for 2008.

1) BARACK OBAMA = hope for America. intelligence in politics overcomes lame republican rule
2) Re-discovering GENE VINCENT and THE BLUECAPS and his amazing original guitarist,
Cliff Gallup, a precursor to Chris Spedding’s lead axe-work with rockabilly icon Robert Gordon
3) Realizing that ENSLAVED put out 3 amazing records before this new one (that I’m not crazy about)
4) MONOTONIX – the greatest live band in the world simply took over CMJ 08 – Yasoo!
5) M.I.A. - Paper Planes (Blaqstarr remix) - this song stuck in my head and never left
6) SANTOGOLD – My Superman – another head sticker
7) BANG! BANG! ECHE! – New Zealand kids revive Gang of 4-style dance punk
8) DAVID COOK winning American Idol – I know, I’m a fag for liking this show, but some of his
renditions gave me chills and I’m glad he won over that Alfred E. Neuman-looking kid
9) .REC (the movie), the original Spanish version of shit remake “Quarantined” is fantastical horror flick
10) DEATH ANGEL live – never thought I’d see these guy 13 years after they called it quits. their last 2 records
are rock classics, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of metal.


Shannin Cartwright
Agent/Senior Agency Associate

In no particular order:

Wire in Chicago
Wire trip to Daytrotter
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Chicago
New Billions office
Zero Manipulation
Hercules and Love Affair - Hercules and Love Affair
Chad VanGaalen – Soft Airplane
Disappears – Live Over the Rainbo


Chad Nelson\\Touch & Go//Quarterstick Records

Some things that I liked in 2008 in the order that I type them:

Ne-Yo Year of the Gentleman - Recipe for a great R&B album: a dash of Ready For The World, a sprinkle of Babyface, and a healthy pinch of Michael Jackson: bring to a boil, serve hot.

The Art of Pizza - Stuffed spinach/mushroom and a medium Sierra Mist for here, please.

The Uglysuit S/T - I try not to include bands/records related to my job, but this record is so beautiful and fully-realized that I say unto you: fuck that rule.

Role Models - I don't remember laughing that hard at a movie since birth.

Russian Circles Station - An instrumental metal record with warmth, melody, aggression, dynamics, heart, and chops for days. Also: the record release show at Subterranean was ridiculous in the very best ways.

"The New Adventures of Old Christine" - I've developed a weird thing for post-Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

All the Saints Fire on Corridor X - Fire indeed. The opening riff of "Regal Regalia" does it every time.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists playing Madison Square Garden - And, also: this.

The Night Marchers See You In Magic - Swinging, hook-laden dirty rock jams loaded with John Reis swagger.




10. Ken Dryden - I was a hockey goalie growing up, and always wore #29 cuz of Dryden. Now he's the most boring politician in Canada, and that's saying something.

9. Henri Richard - Won 11 Stanley Cups, what have you done with your life?

8. Larry Robinson - He used to live in my hometown, but I never saw him.

7. Patrick Roy - Too bad things got shitty and he left for Colorado. Dude loved to win. So much so that apparently he's a giant knob.

6. Jacques Plante - The first goalie to wear a mask. Can you believe they didn't wear masks? Retarded.

5. Howie Morenz - Broke his leg in a game and got a blood clot and died. The funeral was at the hockey rink and the whole city went.

4. Guy Lafleur - The Flower! He ruled the Seventies, his feathered hair flowing as he skated. He even had a disco album. Now he does Viagra ads.

3. Doug Harvey - One of the best defencemen ever. Then he became a homeless drunk.

2. Jean Beliveau - Easily one of the classiest motherfuckers on the planet. He's like 80 now and every woman in Montreal would sleep with him.

1. Maurice "Rocket" Richard - Just the best. The league suspended him during the playoffs and all the French people rioted. They say he changed the whole Quebec society. Hockey players, is there anything they can't do?


dave bazan

the election of barack obama
no country for old men - dvd
the daily beast - news website
charlie kaufman
a more perfect union - obama speech
black lion audio - they mod and build secret weapon quality pro audio
gear for cheap
molly moon's salted carmel ice cream- wallingford, seattle
heath ledger as joker - and the dark night in general
seirra nevada harvest wet hop ale
huffington post political coverage


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